AIPad Tiers

Guaranteed tiers:

Tier 1(44.4) (Top 100)

Tier 2(15.4) (Top 200)

Tier 3(10,3) (Top 300)

Tier 4(7.5) (Top 400)

Tier 5(5.8) (Top 500)

Tier 6(4.7) (Top 600)

Tier 7(3.9) (Top 700)

Tier 8(3.1) (Top 800)

Tier 9(2.7) (Top 900)

Tier 10(2.3) (Top 1000)

Lottery tiers:

Rank 1001 to 2000 - 4 lottery tickets 

Rank 2001 to 3000 - 3 lottery tickets

Rank 3001 to 4000 - 2 lottery tickets, and 

Rank 4001 to 5000 - 1 lottery ticket. 

AIPad's website will display the leaderboard, which showcases user scores. The top 1,000 users on the leaderboard are guaranteed an allocation in the project. AIPad has established allocation size tiers, including the top 100, 101-200, and so forth. Users not in the confirmed allocation list will be entered into a lottery draw.
To qualify for the leaderboard, users must complete the KYC process. While a whitelist is not mandatory for the top 500 users, a greater number of users are allowed to prevent issues arising from individuals dropping out of the top 500 at the last minute.

*Please note, pool weights(numbers in the brackets next to the tiers),are flexible and will change regularly based on the average number of tokens in each tier(the pool weights above are just for illustrating purposes). For the actual pool weights please check out the link below:

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