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MetaVpad Official links

#MetaVpad Official Links:

✅ The main deflationary mechanisms of #MetaVPad include a 10% fee on all token sales (sell orders)

👉Sell Fees distribution
7.5% of the fees will be rewarded to stakers in $MetaV tokens
2.5% will be burned forever

🌍Website: MetaVpad Website https://metavpad.com/

📢Telegram: Official TG channel https://t.me/metavpadann

🐦Twitter:  MetaVpad official Twitter https://twitter.com/MetaVPad 

🦎Gecko: MetaVpad on CoinGecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/metavpad

🥇CMC: MetaVpad on Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/metavpad/

🔷Bluezilla Helpdesk:

🔹Article: Support Article (https://medium.com/@bscpad/introducing-the-bluezilla-help-desk-your-all-in-one-support-system-df62ba02e81) 

🔹Link: Helpdesk support  https://bluezilla.jitbit.com/helpdesk/KB
Buy #MetaVpad

🚀 Stake #METAV: https://staking.metavpad.com

Chart #MetaVpad

✅Trading channel on telegram: https://t.me/metav_pricebot
Creation date: 1/3/2022 4:56 AM (Bluezilla support)      Updated: 1/3/2022 5:03 AM (Bluezilla support)
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