KYC Button Is Not Visible - All Platforms

Minimum tokens required( hold or stake) for KYC button to appear, or to be able to click on the KYC button( AIPad):

AdaPad- 2000
BscPad - 1000

EthPad - 1000

GZone - 1000

MetavPad - 1000

NFTL - 1000

PolyPad - 1000

PulsePad - 1000
VelasPad - 1000
AIPad - 100

If you hold/stake minimum required tokens and KYC button is still not visible, please try to clear caches and reboot your browser or use different browser or different device and make sure your country is not on the restricted list. We recommend to use desktop version of chrome browser for KYC purposes.
Creation date: 04/10/2021 21:01      Updated: 02/03/2023 21:44
KYC issues and faq