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Dumping after an ido

After every ido the launchpad tokens are dumping, how is this possible since there is a cooldown period after unstaking...
For example after yesterdays movez ido:
gamezone: -28%
metavpad: -16%
bscpad: -9%
polypad: -16%

Is there a way to joing ido's without staking or something?

brian morgan
People can trade the tokens without actually staking or joining the idos.
5/25/2022 6:38 AM
le petit chose
you can check the holders on bscscan and you will see the total holders. And then check the stakers on LP and you will find a difference. the differences are not stakers, they are traders. So , not everyone is staking or participating in IDO. There are token traders and this is normal , Zerofivefive
5/29/2022 5:21 AM
Ah cool, thanks for the tip and replies!
5/30/2022 2:38 AM

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