New Suggested 4/26/2022 by le petit chose



Protected Launch IDO/IGO Initial Price

Dear Bluezilla Team,

Almost all of the recent IDO/IGO's have fallen below the IDO/IGO price (eg PS1 and MTM etc.) and they no longer participate, considering that the IDO/IGOs in the community will be the same. You may have noticed this in the latest IDO/IGOs, because investors no longer participate in projects because they can't even get their money back. Why ? Because on the listing day, the project falls below the IDO/IGO price.

If the listing price falls below the IDO/IGO price, investors should switch to the Protected Return system. If a project falls below the IDO/IGO price within the first 5 days after the listing or listing date, its money must be refunded. Otherwise, I think investors will hesitate to participate in projects.

Best Regards

Hasip Yenilmez
We expect you to set rules that will protect the investor, as other lauunchpads do. Refund should come.
4/29/2022 7:13 PM
Support your investors!!!!!!!!
5/11/2022 2:43 PM

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