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New Suggested 11/15/2021 by JaBro




The official TRONPAD telegram announced that the MetaVPad IDO would now also be available to TRONPAD holders.  However, the MetaVPad IDO whitelist form does not have a spot to enter a TRONPAD address.  Will this be updated?

Ramazan Danışman
dear Bluezilla Team,

The son is very important to be kept alive on Metavpad.

You know, after such a high IDO, all current Bluezilla Pads have an intense 60% rage.

We loyal Bluezillas are very expensive that we don't quote and while investing them, it doesn't quite cover the price of the Pad.

We ask you to develop a loyalty program for this purpose.

This will prevent both current owners and high IDOs to continue.

Apply this positive thinking very well.

They prioritize you developing a system to further plan their immediate pricing and schedule them to implement.

You can be like these;

- Airdrops for your orders in the system for months.

- For the remaining usage in the system, discounts can be paid from IDOs for a period of time, can be increased,

- Development of a point system for the faithful who stand in the system and give high APY

-Special IDOs loyal to the system can be used to what is widely available

These are just a few suggestions. We have no doubt that you will be in the best position to protect us the faithful.

We loyal to Bluezilla and we can stay here for a long time.

Thanks in advance for everything.

Best regards @lepetitchose
12/11/2021 4:51 PM

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