FCFS(first come first serve) allocation

Please note FCFS(first come first serve) round is only available to the guaranteed tiers(those who hold a guaranteed tier and had an allocation in the first round already). It’s not a guaranteed round, unlike the first allocation round. Only the fastest and luckiest manage to join the pool successfully in this round. Our FCFS round is met with high demand. To participate on most of our platforms it requires 2 parts: approving your transaction and joining the pool ( ETHPad platform only require 1 transaction/ JOIN POOL). When approving a transaction, you’re able to complete this up 15 minutes prior to the pool start. Once you have successfully approved an amount and the FCFS is live, click on the “Join Pool” button to participate in the FCFS.

Please note our FCFS normally sells out in seconds. Many times transactions do not go through in time. Ensure you are using a high speed device with a fast connection. Many of our users use a higher gas fee to front-run their transactions to get in. We have heard some feedback that mobile devices have slightly better chances of joining the pool.

Creation date: 04/10/2021 20:51      Updated: 27/01/2022 10:19