New Suggested 21/07/2022 by Vural ARSLAN



About Movez

Dear Official,

There is talk about Movez in the market as a scam project. The problems experienced are not answered and investors cannot get answers to their questions. If not intervened, the BZ team will suffer from this. It was said in the Litepaper that Burnz will be used, but this was changed later. This change took tokenomics damage and earnings at Tier levels dropped 700%. We know wholeheartedly that you will not allow this. Please give this work a hand.There is a perception that Movez is being scammed in the market.  This is because Burnz changed their usage area and did not keep their word.

Your projects started to be called scam. Please research and check this situation.

In addition, please give a sign that investors on social media (twitter) are at least listening to them. BZ will be discredited if you don't do something and I would never want that to happen.

Best Regards.

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