New Suggested 17/02/2022 by zerofivefive



Confidence in bluezillas could use a boost

The market is of course not ideal at the moment but usually when I see something about bluezilla it is unfortunately negative, for example when I search for bluezilla on twitter I am immediately presented with a bluezilla scam and the same thing happens in various telegram groups, reddit boards and chats on coinmarketcap.

You have launched some great projects and I personally like the idea of multiple launchpads much better than 1 multichain launchpad but unfortunately your communication is not great, almost all telegram groups are closed, most project teams are anonymous and there is little or no response on messages on the various social media channels.

My idea is therefore to become more visible, hire someone who responds to all messages (twitter, tg's, chats, reddit etc), share articles as bluezilla why you make certain choices such as multiple launchpads instead of 1, that you go for quality idos instead of quantity (there are a lot of launchpads that many idos do but go up minimally, you do less but the once you do do well)

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