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Problems and Solution Suggestions About ASTROSWAP

Dear Bluezilla Team,

As you know, on January 29, 2022 Dex opened  at 08:00 AM UTC on the Velas network. Some of the problems have been solved  what we have experienced and emphasized on previous ‘’about astroswap on dex launch issue’’ ticket. First of all  thanks for your interest and effort about our reasonable grounds . However some of the problems we have experienced have been so great and still exist  that we would like to explain them to you;

-          About 130 days ago, a large amount of Airdrop was distributed to certain accounts and these accounts made heavy sales minutes before the DEX launch and they are still selling a huge amount.

-          Astroswap price, which was 0.26 USD (BSC Network) - 0.30 USD (Velas Network) during the dex launch day after heavy sales, dropped to 0.06 USD in 5 minutes, and there was a 77% decrease in the price and on February 7,2022 its dropping down  more and more although market and BTC reached 42.5 K USD.
-           It has explained  that the team is working Multi-token bridge with Cardano network to swap  precious Cardano’s token on Astroswap. It couldn’t have seen any tactable effort on this issue.

-        As stated by team all projects on Adapad would have been launched on Astroswap. However as an example Lovelace token  is on Sundaeswap now and despite global admins emphasized that they took notes about this issue we couldn’t have seen any positive steps.

-        Despite the success of ‘’ Earn ADA pool ‘’ and new statement and announce on twitter about ‘’farm pool form’’  to create different farms and pools .  it hasn’t been occured till this time .

The situations we wrote above made us, the investors, very upset. While we are investing in Astroswap, we are making these investments knowing that it is under the Bluezilla brand. The fact that neither the Astroswap nor the Bluezilla team made a statement about these situations led many investors to review their investment decisions and take different decisions. Many investors sold both their existing Astroswaps and other Launchpad investments, knowing they were at a loss.We investors trust Bluezilla and we think you will fix this situation as soon as possible. Although  the state of the current market situation going well and Bluezilla launchpads growing %12 averagely , Astroswap is still dropping down.

We kindly ask you to consider the suggestions below;

-         Especially we demand a certain amount of tokens from the market to be taken back and burned. (Buy Back and Burn) . As the admins of the global astroswap telegram emphasized after the dex launch, buyback and burn may always be on the table as a solution . We are at the moment when it is most needed.  Such a huge supply could be adjusted with Burning process. This is our first sıgnıficant and prior suggestion.

-          Not only all projects that come out of Adapad, but also all Bluezilla launchpad’s projects  should be published in the first Astroswap. Thus, its name should be heard alongside dexes such as Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

-          New farms and pool’s should be announced immediately. Investors would like to have different opportunities to earn except Astro tokens like Ada tokens.
          Astroswap  should be supported much more by Cardano network on the social media and as mentioned by team precious Cardano network token’s should be swapped asap on Astroswap .

Despite this state of the market, we had invested in Astroswap and we had a lot of losses nowadays . We believe that Bluezilla will, as always, look into the matter carefully and protect we investors. As investors, we still trust Bluezilla and we think you can still do something for us.

Best Regards

Bünyamin Bünyamin
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07/02/2022 10:06
We want apy rates to be increased in adapad and astroswap. We are especially waiting for a project to come out on adapad. The minimum apy rate must be 50%.
07/02/2022 13:00
Investing in Astroswap upsets us. We trusted Bluezilla because we had seen that Bluezilla projects had always been successful, however Astroswap project made us loose everything that we earned by investing in Bluezilla projects since 6 months. We all feel depressed. We as investors made Bluezilla launchpads the most popular launchpads in the market, so you should recognize that we are the ones who may make Bluezilla projects lose its popularity and be forgotten. We (as your loyal investors) kindly ask you to support the Astroswap project and make Bluezilla projects profitable for its investors again and prove that Bluezilla is the best again.
07/02/2022 15:47
Erdem Ekb
dear bluezilla team.
I've joined a few launchpads before, but the latest astroswap project has had some unbelievably bad things happen. Although bitcoin is on the rise, astroswap has lost 80 percent of its value and continues to lose. please do something for your investors. There is no other way to prevent scam rumors on you.
08/02/2022 00:59
Nevzat Afyoncu
Dear Bluezilla team, I have had Bluezilla lp investments since August 2021. I had the top tier of ethpad, kccpad, velaspad, pulsepad, metavpad. I made many of my friends around me believe and invest in BZ. However, due to the market conditions, there were very serious price drops with the failure of the idols to come. And to regain those losses, I went all out and invested in astroswap. Because it was BZ brand and it had a lot of hype. I aimed to open the Dex and make up for the losses. But unfortunately it did not happen, as you know, we experienced very bad events. My request from you is to find a very urgent solution to this situation, rectify the situation and renew our trust in the BZ brand. Otherwise, we have no capital left to reinvest. This will cause a very bad loss of trust. Respects.
08/02/2022 05:44
Emre Turan
We have confidence that the Astroswap and Bluezilla team will make a sufficient amount of Buyback-Burn.
08/02/2022 07:30
ali haydar
Dear bz team, if you are planning to take action on astroswap, it's time, otherwise it will be too late. The same thing happened with the attack wagon project.
08/02/2022 08:40
Tuncay Uygur
Astro and BZ teams are you happy about the yours investors losses about astroswap? If you are there is nothing to say, but your are not please share your plans about the utilities will you bring the astroswap like new tokens swaps, new marjinal pools etc. Because your are losing your investors day by day and more people selling their investmens with losses also peoples hatred growing. You have bring some news, give your investors more hope for near future. At moment astro price dropped to 0.04, it was 0.2 before the launch. Be sensible about people and act quickly before to late.
08/02/2022 09:39
G s
We want ifo blz launchpad
08/02/2022 09:40
Yalçın Özer
please do something for your investors. There is no other way to prevent scam rumors on you.
08/02/2022 10:29
Mehmet Yıldız
astroswap will be in good places with your help
08/02/2022 10:50
Ensar Yıldız
We want to keep on believe BZ projects.
08/02/2022 14:20
First of all, the incredible price drop in the Astroswap Dex launch has hit us all deeply. However, after Bluezilla's success in launchpad projects, we believe and trust that it will also support this project to recover this price. You can revive the legend of AstroSwap with the innovations you will bring. We have a very strong Turkish crypto community here. Every positive step you take on Astroswap will increase the demand and confidence in many of your other projects, too. We will follow your actions about this matter, and keep supporting you..
10/02/2022 05:21
Nihal Sahin
We want you to hear us, dear bz.
10/02/2022 06:17
serpil efe
dear bluezilla team
you have made your loyal customers very sad. Astroswap and launcpads have dropped a lot. We are urgently waiting for new projects and high apy.
10/02/2022 13:55
nasih erkmen
Schwarzenegger: worry ,trust bz...
10/02/2022 14:10
nasih erkmen
Schwarzenegger: Don't worry,trust bz....
10/02/2022 14:11
can uysal
I invested heavily in astroswap and pulsepad, trusting BZ. 1/4 of my investment is left. I expect BZ to act worthy of its name with buyback and solid projects so that it can build trust. Trust is everything.
10/02/2022 14:46
mustafa yilmaz
The astroswap project will get the value it deserves thanks to you.
10/02/2022 15:40
Banu Biçen
please do not let our inverstment be rubbish. do something!! we are trusting Bluezilla...
11/02/2022 03:59
olcaytu toker
Most important thing is get to know by cardano team, ceo must have recognize us, cardano ecosystem must tweet about us. If that would happens, everything gradually chance
12/02/2022 03:17
Barış Ünal
Astroswap dan sonra kimsenin BZ ye inancı kalmadı tam bir meme coin gibi eridi paramız yatırımcısinin yanında olmayan herkesin dolandırıcı gözüyle baktığı bluezilla mevcut herkes mağdur ama astroswap in mağduriyeti çok farklı ve çok üzücü bu kadar üyesi olan bi platformun yatırımcısını küstürmesi üzücü en kısa zamanda fiyat yönlü proje yönlü ve farming kısmı ile pools yönünde de bı çalışma yapılmasını istiyoruz eski bluezillayi çok özledik lütfen duyun bizi
20/02/2022 15:59

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