New Suggested 13/12/2021



Syncable CALENDAR or Telegram for Busy People

When comes to IDO Launch Dates, There is so much info that falls through the cracks.
We all have busy schedules and its sometime hard to check up on what's new.

It's great that the team came out with a calendar. Thank you!

But just to add to that, can you either make the calendar syncable to our device calendars 
(for all projects under all launchpads)


Can we have a specific telegram group for all IDOS Launch Dates Only.

I personal have missed out on a few regretfully. 

brian morgan
Adding all upcoming projects to the websites on each launchpad would help then when dates are announced on telegram they could be added to the website beside the ido in place of "TBA". This would also be useful for potential new investors aswell as current stakers.
26/03/2022 22:37

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